What Makes Us Awesome

R Cat specializes in the licensing and distribution of instrumental recordings and welcomes demo submissions from musicians and composers who love music, who want that music to be heard around the world, and who fall into one of the following categories:

Developing Artists. Musicians and composers who are actively recording (maybe at home and with limited equipment), who would like to pursue a career in the music industry. In working with a good record label, professional insights and guidance will help ‘develop’ their skills from where they are in the early days, right the way up to releasing their first album.

Label Ready Artists. These are the guys who, in the label’s opinion, are ready to release their first album exclusively with the label.

What we do really well

We understand the music and motion picture industry. We work very closely with our artists in taking care of their music business interests within today’s international marketplace.

Much of the work we do will include various aspects of marketing, promotions, publicity, post record production, art and design, video, legal work, business analysis, project management, publishing, licensing, distribution, and lots and lots of listening.

What we don’t do at all

We don’t provide new artists with advances (loans), guarantees of overnight success, ego control, bail from police custody, psychiatric counseling, pick up from rehab, free CDs for Facebook friends and relatives, or provide backstage passes for stadium capacity World Tours.

We do not press CDs or vinyl for vanity or on demand. We do press CDs for industry professionals and any one or more of the following criteria: specific events, requests to the label (supported by evidence of accumulated digital sales), or we may realize that here’s no hope for the human race unless we get some CD’s and/or vinyl out there!

What we want to do more of

We want to help and support our artists in reaching their full potential through a process of continuous joint engagement. We want our artists to produce fresh, innovative and mood provoking music; music that makes you want to cry, smile, laugh, or go completely mad wearing orange socks with the lights off!

What we’ve done / continue to do

We won’t approve a weak production for release but will offer suggestions and guidance to fix it. When our artist’s music is fabulous and awe inspiring we’ll throw our entire weight and credibility behind it. When it’s absolutely awful… well… that’s when we send out the big guys in dark glasses to have a quick chat.

Ultimately, we try to get our artists lots of money and recognition for their music but that takes a lot of hard work, time, patience, and serious dedication from everyone involved… but you already knew all of this right?

What you didn’t think we did

We work closely with our artists to determine positive and professional exposure and new opportunities. We use a number of resources to get the very best audio and visual identity working for each project. We take each aspect of the entire creative and business process very seriously and work with our recording artists and label resources as a team.

We also do little experiments from time to time to capture audience feedback in a whole load of weird and wonderful ways. This gives us the very best and most valid information on how well received our catalog is at given points in time.

We work with simple legal agreements so that everyone is fully aware of their roles and responsibilities including who makes what from where and when.

All new-artist agreements are entered into on a complete ’total earned income’ basis, it’s a 50/50 relationship without exclusions or exceptions, and with the artist monetary percentage increasing over time as it should.

R Cat Records was built on three very important principles:

  1. Protect the artist and their work
  2. Leave no stone unturned in our business approach to getting what we want and
  3. We make sure everybody understands that close working relationships is what builds the foundations for success.