WJ Plecha – Sensory Storm

WJ Plecha

Sensory Storm

  1. ambx2 3:10
  2. tranquil peaceful mayhem 04:01
  3. straightline 05:03
  4. hysteropiate 05:12
  5. wail bones 03:08
  6. just beyond nothing 09:31
  7. edges and shards 02:55
  8. diplomanic 04:57
  9. shouts of lunacy 04:28
  10. altergy 04:29
  1. sensory storm 10:37
  2. antilogical disorder 05:04

What We Say

Sensory storm is WJ Plecha’s sixth album release for R Cat Records and what is particularly evident in this stunning piece of work, is that by applying varying and often unique degrees of intensity and sensitivity in the creation and recording of electronic music, one can indeed set standards that many composers prefer to steer clear of… particularly when those standards offer slight departures from the familiar.

In Sensory storm, WJ Plecha has set a standard… a relatively huge flagship for further exploration into the art of producing enhanced and innovative electronic music for people that don’t spend the majority of their time simply ‘hearing’… when it’s so much more of an awe inspiring experience when you actually ‘listen’.