WJ Plecha – Redefined Infinity

WJ Plecha

Redefined Infinity

  1. Shades of epic amber 6:09
  2. Grass cannot grow there anymore 4:42
  3. Ignition sympathy 5:25
  4. Stimulus icon 5:16
  5. Deterent 9:24
  6. On Spec theme 1:05
  7. Passing the thyme 3:45
  8. Where light cannot exist 5:48
  9. Climatics eptherialis 3:00
  10. Residual perception 3:06
  1. Enlistment 9:30
  2. Conduit for section A 5:06
  3. And they call them cities 3:17
  4. Redefined infinity 7:14

What We Say

Redefined Infinity is WJ Plecha’s fourth instrumental release featuring 14 superb minimalist ambient tracks equipped with the kind of electronica events that send the imagination exploring places that the majority of us have been excluded from for quite a while.

The ‘RI’ project began in early 2008 with leanings toward science fiction and fantasy genres that heralded a slight departure in approach for WJP who had previously focused his attentions on producing bright and optimistic techno-esque electronica themes for Private Investigations (2006) and Brightly Coloured Objects (2007).

Redefined Infinity adds a little more ‘abstract’ and a little more ‘atmospheric’ to the WJP collection and it works absolutely wonderfully!