WJ Plecha – Of Mental Images

WJ Plecha

Of Mental Images

  1. Solo Plus Two 05:20
  2. Society of Clarity 04:07
  3. Longest Decade 03:38
  4. Lately We Wonder 03:16
  5. Kinda Green to Gray 03:02
  6. Meku Ring 08:06
  7. Limitation Is Motivation 07:27
  8. Mandatory 03:17
  9. Of Mental Images 05:51
  10. 24 Kilometers Below 03:20
  1. If They Exploit Mars, Pt. 3 02:58
  2. Kinda Gray to Green 03:39
  3. Up on Move 07:57

What We Say

Of Mental Images is WJ Plecha’s eighth album release and where each of the earlier albums from the brilliant debut ‘Private Investigations’ released in 2006, to the 2012 album ‘Asylum of echoes’ all merit considerable critical acclaim, you’d think that after nine or ten years, the creative tap would be showing signs of slowing. From this album, we see absolutely no prospect of that happening at all. ‘Of mental images’ is a defining moment in this artist’s repertoire.

Each of the 13 tracks comprising its entirety provide us with some rather excellent examples of how to remain completely original and yet continuing to push those little buttons to barriers we all thought many electronic composers inevitably reach. If one thing over the past nine years remains constant and outstanding among WJ Plecha’s albums… it’s that Euro-American approach to solid composition and production that keeps this artist in top form.