WJ Plecha – Misplaced In Time

WJ Plecha

Misplaced In Time

  1. when song begat symphonia 6:17
  2. asylumarion 5:28
  3. next in reverse order 4:34
  4. land of the synthetic 3:46
  5. TLB3 3:53
  6. Anachronism 11:11
  7. Nocturniquette 6:42
  8. fourth fathom forward 4:44
  9. lights come life goes 6:12
  10. omit do not admit 6:13

What We Say

Advanced copies of ‘Misplaced in Time’ were very well received and it was almost as though the success of the previous album ‘Redefined Infinity’ had augured well for the artist’s subsequent releases.

However, unlike ‘Redefined infinity’, ‘Misplaced in Time ‘shows how far WJ Plecha has traveled, both in terms of his compositional approach and in his significant production expertise. For those who sincerely believe electronic music has ‘seen and done it all’, WJ Plecha’s Misplaced in time is here to turn that sentiment completely on its head.