WJ Plecha – Brightly Coloured Objects

WJ Plecha

Brightly Coloured Objects

  1. Whispers in blue 3:47
  2. Brightly coloured objects 6:06
  3. One yellow star 8:58
  4. The last nine molecules 5:13
  5. Visual spectrum 4:31
  6. Conversation in monochrome 9:34
  7. Okotas 6:23
  8. Shavarre 6:17
  9. Eastillion 5:26
  10. Too kan 6:27
  1. Valley 3:33

What We Say

WJ Plecha’s second release ‘Brightly Coloured Objects’ features a fresh compositional approach to working within the contemporary electronic/soundtrack genre.

Less techno facing than WJP’s debut album ‘Private Investigations’ Brightly Coloured Objects focuses more upon the fantastic, the surreal, and the mood meanderings we all like to see in refreshing instrumental electronic music.

Essentially, Brightly Coloured Objects is an album that has you delving and exploring alongside the artist’s inspirations and imaginings from totally new perspectives to the kind you’d like to dream along to every time you press the Play button!