WJ Plecha – Asylum Of Echoes

WJ Plecha

Asylum Of Echoes

  1. Solo Plus Two 05:20
  2. Society of Clarity 04:07
  3. Longest Decade 03:38
  4. Lately We Wonder 03:16
  5. Kinda Green to Gray 03:02
  6. Meku Ring 08:06
  7. Limitation Is Motivation 07:27
  8. Mandatory 03:17
  9. Of Mental Images 05:51
  10. 24 Kilometers Below 03:20
  1. If They Exploit Mars, Pt. 3 02:58
  2. Kinda Gray to Green 03:39
  3. Up on Move 07:57

What We Say

WJ Plecha’s ‘Asylum of Echoes’ was written and recorded between September 2012 and May 2013 and is one of the artist’s most adventurous and fully charged albums to date. With consistently good samples of innovation we’ve come to readily associate with Plecha’s work, each composition comes richly engraved with mood penetrating textures and subtly captivating harmonic progressions and riff repetitions.

A milestone in electronic music creation and production is a rather difficult thing to achieve but for WJ Plecha, Asylum of Echoes isn’t his first nor will it be his last.