Various Artists – Because We Hear Voices

Various Artists

Because We Hear Voices

  1. Elley Wilson/Colin Lynch – The Recovery of RD109 5:42
  2. Jon Richards – Pangea (Part 2) 10:53
  3. WJ Plecha – On Spec Theme 1:07
  4. Mike De Filet – Differences 4:24
  5. Rhonda Rosalee – Promised Land 4:02
  6. Sequent 7 – The Fifth Kingdom 9:49
  7. WJ Plecha – Grass Won’t Grow There Anymore 4:44
  8. Mike De Filette – Stars 4:24
  9. Jon Richards – Permian 4:36
  10. Rhonda Rosalee – Jurisdiction 4:04
  1. Colin Lynch – Because We Hear Voices 4:50
  2. Sequent 7 – Light of Dawn 7:10

What We Say

Because we hear voices is R Cat Records first compilation release featuring music by Elley Wilson, Jon Richards, WJ Plecha, Colin Lynch, Mike De Filette, Rhonda Rosalee and Sequent 7. With stunning and incredibly original artwork by Jason Dirks and Jim Beveridge, the album includes some of the labels most popular and inventive instrumental tracks released over the past two years.

Produced in collaboration with the incredibly popular science fiction magazine On Spec, the album was particularly well received at it’s launch in October 2008 and has since gone on to become a bestseller in it’s own right.

In being the first instrumental record label in Canada to collaborate with a science fiction and fantasy magazine, R Cat Records established itself as a truly original and innovative vehicle for independent music and for the artists who make that music spectacular.