Rhonda Rosalee – Chasing Shadows

Rhonda Rosalee

Chasing Shadows

  1. The Edge of Ivory 3:07
  2. Prelude to Combat 3:16
  3. The Endless Waltz 4:11
  4. Walking on the Runway 2:05
  5. Promised Land 4:02
  6. Driven 3:46
  7. Into the Northern Sky 2:27
  8. Jurisdiction 4:04
  9. Voices in the Fog 3:23
  10. The Eagle’s Prey 3:59
  1. Waters of Venice 4:00
  2. The Cradle Will Fall 3:58

What We Say

Rhonda’s second album, ‘Chasing Shadows’ is the follow-up to her widely acclaimed album ‘Behind the Shadow’ which received an exceptionally warm welcome from her fans around the world.

Both albums exude classic piano-driven invention and innovation with truly stunning sentiment and compassion spanning the length and breadth of the keys. It’s no surprise then that Rhonda is by far one of the independent music industry’s most talented composers.