Rhonda Rosalee – Behind the Shadow

Rhonda Rosalee

Behind the Shadow

  1. Serenading Wind 3:46
  2. Territorial Soldiers3:11
  3. For All the Years 4:10
  4. The Tsunami Trail 3:07
  5. Across the Miles 3:02
  6. War in the Scarlet Skies 5:40
  7. His Grace 3:13
  8. Behind the Shadow 2:15
  9. Disheartened 4:48
  10. The Pursuit of Truth 3:26
  1. A Breath Away 4:01
  2. When Sadness Cries 2:31

What We Say

Rhonda Rosalee’s entertainment years began in elementary school when her first-grade teacher asked her to sing for the class. Rhonda is a self-taught musician and composer who began playing the piano at 8 years old and began composing at the age of 13.

As a young adult, Rhonda worked primarily on gospel compositions with performances at juvenile detention centers and prisons. In 2003, Rhonda began focusing more attention on expanding her compositional approach with a determination to develop her recording and production expertise. She sees her music today as ‘The trappings of an emotional spirit.’

Rhonda worked on specific album projects beginning with ‘The Passage’ and ‘Destination Beyond’ which were both self released in April 2004. She decided to withdraw these early recordings and is in the process of remixing and re-recording both albums.

Rhonda’s first album for R Cat, originally issued in 2005, has received widespread critical acclaim for its piano focused contemporary classical themes and indisputable beauty in composition. Rhonda is a true artist in every sense of the word and for every note she’s performed and recorded there’s an entire depth of spirit to be enchanted by.