Night’s Bright Colors – Love In The Asylum

Night’s Bright Colors

Love In The Asylum

  1. A nice dependency 3:21
  2. iamaflyingsaucer 3:02
  3. through stars and satellites 3:56
  4. nocturne number 1 1:45
  5. beautiful disguise 2:59
  6. fugue state 1:10
  7. rain 2:33
  8. adrift against the lines 3:04
  9. good things 4:45
  10. perfect medication 2:36
  1. haloperidol 2:30
  2. storms 1:51
  3. nocturne number 2 1:45
  4. perfect reaction 2:17
  5. final seconds 2:46

What We Say

Night’s Bright Colors, as a recording/performing project, actually began in 2002 for NC-based musician Jason Smith as a key outlet for material he had been developing consistently since 1996. Having worked as an incidental composer for film and theatre, and influenced by the classic concept records and production techniques of the Sixties and Seventies British Invasion (Pink Floyd, Beatles) in particular, Jason started work on what has become a fairly extensive songwriting project in four parts that form ‘The Hospital Quartet’.

Embracing a wide variety of musical styles, including pop, rock, folk, psychedelic, ambient, and instrumental, the resulting four-part series (of which ‘Love in the Asylum’ is the first) essentially narrates and describes the experiences of two fictitious patients in a psychiatric hospital. Explored themes include addiction, medication, memory, dreams and hallucinations, and ultimately a form of redemption.

NBC’s debut album, “Love in the Asylum” was originally completed in 2006 and advanced copies gained strong critical response. The second album, “First Set Fire to the Stars” (2008), and “Late night by Lamplight” (2009), expand the conceptual themes brilliantly while developing the narrative further.

The fourth and final album in the series, “Patient Notes”, is a double album scheduled to be released in late 2011 along with the prior recordings to complete the set.