Colin Lynch – Something for the Sleeping Girl

Colin Lynch

Something for the Sleeping Girl

  1. Ashurst’s Beacon (Steve’s piece) 3:53
  2. Because we hear voices 4:03
  3. Hymn for the eclectus population 3:14
  4. Iceni 2:19
  5. A page from the Englishman’s journal 4:23
  6. No one has loved and lost the way Frank has loved and lost 3:36
  7. Raindrops and stilettos 3:58
  8. Something for the sleeping girl 0:43
  9. and we would walk through St. John’s Gardens 4:35
  10. The wedding 5:19
  1. To the City of Durham 1:03

What We Say

The debut album from Colin Lynch features 11 diverse and contemporary instrumental compositions written and recorded at 051 Studios between January and April 2014, although the artistic concept began almost two years earlier.

“The idea behind the title track was of a girl falling asleep before passing from the present to waking up transformed as an Iceni warrior in Celtic Britain. ‘Working with Courtney Duncan (make up) and Vala Grenier (Photography) we managed to transform Juli-Anne Mundle into a superb Celtic warrior from Queen Boudicca’s Iceni tribe. Juli-Anne was perfect for the part.. brilliant to work with who needed very little direction in getting ‘the looks’ right. I even had a pair of 2000 year old Iceni bronze hair beads for her to wear and I honestly think she was quite probably the first person to wear them outside of the Iceni tribe some 2000 years earlier!’

The album opens with Ashurst’s Beacon (Steve’s piece) which was specifically composed in memory of Lynch’s friend Steve Haycock who had passed away in September 2012. And is based on one of their favourite places in west Lancashire. ‘And we would walk through St. John’s Gardens’ and ‘To the City of Durham’ were originally composed ‘in an afternoon in Western Australia’ with the working titles ‘12b Street South’ and ‘Opportunity’.

‘Because we hear voices’ was inspired by the short science fiction story of the same name by John Bowker and was originally composed and recorded for the ‘Because we hear voices’ compilation album in June 2008.

‘The wedding’ was inspired by the comical idea of an early sixties wedding photo session ‘speeded up’ complete with wedding guests being positioned by the photographer who’s coping with all kinds of issues from bee attacks to dresses being blown up by the breeze.

For a first release, Something for the sleeping girl is a superb debut album filled with a wide range of diverse musical concepts and inspirations that provide the foundations for the largely electronic and classical arrangements.