Beyond Our Galaxy – Event at Sirius B

Beyond Our Galaxy

Event at Sirius B

  1. Free fall in black 3:28
  2. Terminal shock 4:08
  3. The starry expanse 4:09
  4. Orbiting a gas giant 3:06
  5. Event at sirius b 7:11
  6. Exploration 3:21
  7. Monoliths of beta proctoris 11:55
  8. Nostalgia 2:31
  9. Approaching the jovian system 6:03
  10. Regenerator 3:20
  1. Twilight horizon 2:24
  2. A memory returned 3:08
  3. Artificial intelligence 2:56
  4. Relativity 2:37
  5. Asteroid mine delta 21 3:12
  6. Return to the homeworld 3:25

What We Say

Event at Sirius B is the debut album from Beyond our Galaxy that takes the melodic hypnotics that make up outstanding electronica to new heights and embellishes those key components with some of the finest, brightest industrial tones you can imagine!

The core inspiring theme for ‘Event’ is the exploration of the cosmos and the visualizing of the kind of voyages through space that even ‘The Enterprise’ couldn’t manage! Arrangements are positively first class and what makes this album particularly endearing is the fact that it effortlessly seems to connect with our sense of wonder and oneness.