Beyond Our Galaxy – Chronosphere

Beyond Our Galaxy


  1. Alpha Process 3:36
  2. Binary Cluster 5:19
  3. Jovian Airships 5:05
  4. Chronosphere 3:55
  5. Cygnus Prime 4:47
  6. Eons From Now 3:21
  7. Spiral Helix Sequence 3:58
  8. Revelations 3:33
  9. Automatonmaschine 4:02
  10. Procyon Outpost 7:36
  1. Omega Structures 7:36
  2. Hydrocene Age 4:11
  3. Moonbase Alpha 3:14
  4. Transmissions 6:37
  5. Blue Planet 3:28
  6. The Giver 2:41

What We Say

We’ll leave the words to the musician and composer Roger Taylor on his second ‘Beyond our Galaxy’ release ‘Chronosphere’.

In reflecting on the production of my second official album recording as Beyond Our Galaxy, I thought back on my history in music. Even thought I had a very small amount of musical training in my years, I have worked at making and writing music in many different fashions for at least 30 years, either on synths, drums, bass or collaborating with friends, it has been a consistent theme in my life, one I never thought about until now. Sound has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.

This new album is more cohesive in my opinion, as the prior album ‘Event at Sirius-B’ was written over a period of 4 years with ideas that I developed over that period. ‘Chronosphere’ was written over less than a year. My main tool in writing/composing has been Propellerhead Reason and incorporating Ableton Live for any guitar or other live sources. Last year Propellerhead introduced Record, which uses Reason, but allows for live recording to take place along with the Reason bank of synths/drum machines…. This allowed for a seamless method for me to write and collaborate with many talented friends for additional sound sources including my good friend Barry Blaze who played guitar on three of my tracks once again contributed to three new tracks with his axe, even played some awesome funk bass licks on my the title track.

A long time friend – David Sprecher, a very talented vocalist, keyboardist, songwriter in his own rite, and a friend I have known for well over 30 years, played his awesome trumpet licks on ‘Jovian Airships’.

Pat Altes, who has been a worship leader at my church, and a mentor/encourager, added some awesome ‘ambient’ guitar licks on ‘Binary Cluster’. His feeling and restraint in how he approached my tune was incredible and added a new dimension to the track….

Kyle Whitehead, another good friend, younger than me, but far wiser in many ways… another friend from my church. This guy appreciates all music and is a talented guy. His otherworldly atmospheric licks added to my track ‘Hydrocene Age’.

I was blessed to have the talents of my two sons – Nelson – 14 and Maxwell – 12 on drums and guitar respectively… They are my inspiration, and have had ‘proper’ musical training that I hope carries them for years….. We collaborated on the closing track – ‘The Giver’ that actually grew out of a film project my older son Nelson was working on with his friend Grant.