Barium Sunset – How To Bounce Backwards

Barium Sunset

How To Bounce Backwards

  1. Bouncing backwards
  2. Sands in my desert
  3. Soft electric
  4. Flying through the mountains
  5. Human racing
  6. Hosp
  7. Powerous
  8. Storm at the Sultan’s palace
  9. StarDrive69
  10. Lazers on the dancefloor
  1. Hole in the mirror
  2. Gamers dubstep mix

What We Say

How to bounce backwards is the superb debut album from UK artist Barium Sunset. Audio compasses the world over will happily locate the outstanding and diverse EDM, Ambient, and Industrial electronic pleasure zones wherever you position yourself on the planet’s surface… (although we’ve heard reports of this awesome piece of work being clearly audible beyond the Oort Cloud – that extended shell of icy objects that exist in the outermost reaches of the solar system).