Adam Lastiwka – The Holy Crow

Adam Lastiwka

The Holy Crow

  1. Hati and Skoll 4:27
  2. Taurus Over Ithica 4:29
  3. .141592pi 3:16
  4. The Garden of Hours 3:58
  5. March of Eden 1:39
  6. Nara’s Dream 3:18
  7. Koan 3:09
  8. Oberon 3:33
  9. Indigo 4:22
  10. Of Gods and Men 3:17
  1. Sojurn of Ghana 3:52
  2. Khimaira 1:22
  3. The Holy Crow 2:49
  4. Antissa 3:00
  5. Rhea 3:22
  6. Leonidas 3:55

What We Say

The Holy Crow is Adam Lastiwka’s third album release for R Cat Records and is testimony to how quickly Adam’s skill and craftsmanship in composition and production has developed to the kind of standard motion picture music supervisors and music editors dream of.

If you were to ask which of the tracks stand out most on this album, it would be difficult to convince anyone in their right mind that anything less than the entire album could be considered. It’s just that intense a listening experience!