Contact Process

Important things to know before you contact us

Please do not send any sound or art files by email unless we ask you to.

When you email us, please make sure you include the following information:

A direct link to where we can hear your music. We would rather you didn’t send us on a website navigation exercise as we simply don’t have the time to wait for pages to load or to go through an entire site to find you.

We want to know a bit about you. We need to know what your expectations are of an independent record company; why you chose us, and what you would seriously like to achieve with your music.

We will need a contact telephone number with times when it would be best to reach you.

Important things to know – after you contact us

We receive your introductory email and if it looks good, we’ll follow your link(s) and give your music a thorough listen there and then.

If we think you are someone we’d be interested in working with, your inks will be passed on to our A&R manager who may or may not decide to refer you as a prospective developing artist or a prospective label ready artist to our review panel.

The review panel comprises a group of individuals who will review your arrangements, production expertise, and musicianship for potential. At this point, the review will either stop right there or you will be contacted via telephone by our A&R Manager.

The preliminary phone chat will give you the opportunity to ask about R Cat Records and will give us the opportunity to talk to you about your music. It will also help us determine if you are a good fit as a potential R Cat recording artist.

We will make a final decision and either stop right there or we will then issue you with our artist/label agreement.

Once your agreement has been returned to us, we can welcome you aboard and the adventure begins!